Jan 8

January is in full-swing, which usually means you’ll be experiencing a good bit of cold temperatures and nasty weather.  This can cause almost any family to develop a bad case of cabin fever! If this sounds like your family, check out Parenting’s guide to indoor madness: easing cabin fever.

Jan 7

I know what you’re thinking: it’s too cold for a bathing suit right now, but this time of year, many people choose to take a vacation to somewhere warm to escape the cold weather. If you’re pregnant and are planning such a trip, here are some great maternity bathing suits you can buy right now. (Because, let’s face it, you won’t find any in the stores right now.)

Jan 2

If you’re pregnant, you may want to listen up. January is officially here, which means the weather is about to start getting colder, but could it be healthy for you and your baby? According to one study it is.

Oct 4

The weather is getting cooler, which means flu and cold season is here. It also means your amazing pregnancy can become pretty ugly if you happen to catch the flu yourself. Not sure what medications you can take or how you can feel better without jeopardizing you and your child’s health? Check out How to Treat a Cold or Flu in Pregnancy for a few healthy tips.

Sep 3

Hurricane Irene just wreaked havoc on the nation and whether you were affected or not, your kids may have some questions about the storm.  Hopefully, it will be the only hurricane to hit the United States this year, but considering we’re in the midst of hurricane season, that may not be the case. If your child has questions about the hurricane, you’ll want to have answers, especially with the wall-to-wall coverage often offered by the news media. Check out About.com’s guide to talking to your child about hurricanes for help.

Sep 1

According to some reports, Hurricane Irene affected more people in the United States than any other hurricane ever, which meant many people spent last weekend stuck inside, preparing for the storm.  It also meant a lot of people lost power, cable, internet and access to many other forms of entertainment. In the grand scheme of things, this may not seem important, but when you have children, a day without power can seem like a lifetime. Hopefully, there won’t be anymore hurricanes this year, but it is the peak of the season. Just in case, you might want to be prepared with these Hurricane Games, Plans and Ideas for kids.