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Dinosaur Land

Children's Storybook


Product Details:

Language: English
Product Dimensions:Deluxe Size 9" x 6"
Cover: Hard Cover

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Story Description

Magically travel back to the time of the dinosaurs and save the giant creatures from an erupting volcano.

Excerpt from Dinosaur Land

<First Name> <Middle Name> <Last Name>, age <Age>, of <City, State>, loved to play with dinosaur toys. In her room there were many of them: big ones, little ones, tall ones and short ones. <Friend 1, Friend 2 and Friend 3> knew how much she loved dinosaurs.

One day, <First Name> was looking at pictures in her favorite dinosaur book. A fierce tyrannosaurus rex with big, sharp teeth was wrestling another meat-eating dinosaur, called an allosaurus. A pterodactyl, a huge lizard with wings, was flying in the air watching the battle. <Firs t Name> concentrated hard on the pictures .

The dinosaurs seemed to come alive. A lizard with a long neck, fat body and huge tail stood beside a beautiful lagoon. A brightly colored spotted egg lay in a cozy nest near a friendly looking beast. In the distance, a duckbill dinosaur, called a trachodon, walked on two legs chewing giant ferns.

Dinosaur Land Book Cover
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