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Three Little Pigs

Children's Storybook


Product Details:

Language: English
Product Dimensions:Deluxe Size 9" x 6"
Cover: Hard Cover

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Story Description

The Wolf is after the Three Little Pigs. Your child is the hero in this classic, wellloved fairy tale.

Excerpt from Three Little Pigs

<First Name> <Middle Name> <Last Name>, age <Age>, from <City, State>, was visiting his friends, the three little pigs. He couldn't believe all the commotion at their house. Boxes and suitcases were everywhere! "What's going on?" <First Name> asked. "Today is moving day," answered Big Pig. "We're each going to build our own house." "What fun! Can I help?" <First Name> asked excitedly.

"Sure," answered Mid Pig. "Let's go!" shouted Wee Pig.

So <First Name> and the three little pigs ventured out in the woods to find the best place to build houses. As they drove along they met a man selling straw.

"I could make a fine house out of straw," Wee Pig said.

"Straw is not very strong," <First Name> said doubtfully.

"But my house will be built in no time," Wee Pig answered. And he began to build his straw house.

<First Name> continued driving with the two other little pigs. Soon they met a man selling sticks.

"Sticks will make a fine house for me," Mid Pig said.

"Well, sticks are stronger than straw," <First Name> said. "But sticks will not make a very strong house."

"But my house will be built in a jiffy," the pig replied. And he began to build his stick house.

Three Little Pigs Book Cover
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